Home III, Green

Developing the idea from the collage, this time I decided to work on smaller count canvas, to fit the spirit of the next exhibition.  I decided that secondary colour associations fit my feelings for the Isle of Wight.  The natural, meditative qualities of green; orange signifying endurance, cheerfulness and autumn and purple, with its associations of enchantment and sanctity.  Wrapped cords have fallen by the wayside, substituted for encased wire.  I have maintained the aboriginal connection with home – the circle.  I’m going to save the mounting and framing until I have my set (of 6?).

Wootton Creek


TRAC Goes Small, so off I go…

Home III pt.1Visiting the Chichester Embroiderer’s Guild exhibition at the Oxmarket on Saturday was a wonderful source of inspiration.  I feel motivated now to get on with Home III.  This is going to be a series of small works to explore my relationship with my home on the Isle of Wight.  I’m intending to exhibit them in February at the TRAC Goes Small exhibition.  I’m aiming for 6 small pieces but 3 of them are going to be collages, which explore the subject before I stitch the main piece.  I have to start exploring alternative and more simplified ways to produce enough for exhibiting.  Here’s my first collage.  I love the feel of the paper with the machine stitches adding to the surface.