Aspiring embroidery artist living on the beautiful Isle of Wight.  Colour is important to me as you can see from my work. A Cornish bird, I have been fortunate to grow up surrounded by colourful land and seascapes and the work of artists such as Peter Lanyon, Patrick Heron and Terry Frost.

On completion of a City & Guilds, Level 3 Certificate in Stitched Textiles with the fabulous Stitchbusiness, based in Durham, I began to write this blog, with a desire to sustain my creativity.  I hope you enjoy it.

I’m happy to allow you to share my photographs under the following Creative Commons License.

Greta at work



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Greta. I’ve just read about your CIty & Guilds journey in Stitch. Congratulations on your achievement! I’m looking at distance learning for level 3 embroidery – what made you choose Stitchbusinees over the other training providers? Are are any blogs I can read to see how students cope? Thanks. Angela

    • Hi Angela, I’d been thinking about doing a C&G for a while before I chose Stitchbusiness. I looked at various courses but nothing really inspired me to part with the cash until I saw SBs advert in Stitch Magazine and followed up with reading their website. It was the quality of the students work in the gallery that helped me to make my mind up. Alternatively you can go to Google and search for Flickr and stitchbusiness. I decided I liked it and it was similar to my style of texture and colour. I also liked the way that the two tutors seemed to offer different styles themselves. I felt I would get a good balance of the traditional and more experimental. Have a look at the books of Julia Triston and Tracy A. Franklin. When I attended the weekends in Durham, I discovered that some people and transferred from their original C&G providers because they felt it was just a tick box exercise and gained no real feedback or inspiration. SB wasn’t like that. Julia and Tracy wouldn’t let you pass until you actually mastered what you were doing! A final consideration was that they actually offered a level 3 and beyond. I would consider going back for more in the future! SBs discussion forum is for members only unfortunately. Do contact Julia or Tracy for a chat. They are both very approachable. I’m sure you will enjoy the experience. Best wishes! Let me know what you decide to do.

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