A different way of working

Frost 1

Frost 1: 84cm x 43.5cm

This next set of work is for an exhibition that will take place at The People’s Gallery in Ryde in September. I’ve been drawing and colouring-in since Easter to develop ideas around the work of Terry Frost, wondering how I can interpret the bold colours into stitch. Making the pieces has taken me right out of my comfort zone and I’m yearning to stitch ‘properly’ again. First in the series is this monster. I am attempting to meet Frost half way between his flat bold colour blocks and his stuffed installations. I like the colours; they zing, but don’t truly reproduce on the camera. Initially I wanted to stuff the pods with poly beans and after trialing (and a certain amount of mess!) they just didn’t work. ¬†They were too light to give the desired effect. So with wadding I set to work again. Hmm, it is now very heavy, but Mark has saved the day creating my hanging mechanism. Just hope the gallery’s picture rail is robust! The fine stitching adds another dimension to the pods and, although not in my original plan, I’m pleased I went with my instinct. It needed something. I’m pretty sure this will be the largest piece I attempt – although it isn’t quite as large as my rug. Ah yes, the rug. It’s just too hot to work on it. I might call it Long Hot Summer and submit it as a work in progress!