Wrapped cords

Wallhanging, completed for City & Guilds, Level 3 certificate

Wallhanging, completed for City & Guilds, Level 3 certificate

I have begun to work on a collection of pieces (6 I’ve set myself) so that I have something to exhibit when opportunities arise.  I have taken my favourite technique, cord wrapping, from my Favourite Things (pictured) as my starting point.  Artists research has led to some examples of Aboriginal art, where circles represent place.  Current uncertainties in the family have highlighted the significance of place in the scheme of things so it seems a fitting analogy.  I want the colours to represent love, joy and healing, lots of positivity, hence reds, oranges and yellows.  But the colours are repetitive, too similar, and so the piece is progressing with vivid jewels of opposites. It’s almost ready to share.


Last day of ‘Art in Shop Windows’

Just to prove the work went into the shops in Ryde, here are a few photos.  The best I could do in the circumstances – sunny days!  Great to see the ‘Likes’ and comments on TRAC’s Facebook page for all of the pieces on display.

Art in shop windows IIDSCN0010