Now the show is over…

Very much enjoyed my first TRAC show.  Two highlights were 1) having to explain my work to someone who was interested and 2) meeting the person who got the Aboriginal element, then hearing her play a very compact didgeridoo!

Here is a picture of the Tracies and the mayor, who stayed for the whole of the preview event and seemed genuinely interested.

Trac Colours Private View



Well its almost time for TRAC Colours exhibition. My 2 embroideries are packed, together with a few ‘original artwork’ cards; I want to be democratic in my sales.  I’ve tried my hardest not to get too attached just in case someone does decide to buy them.  Its hard though, because I’ve spent so many hours creating them, stitching them, looking at them….  I can’t keep everything, I know that!  If you’re in the area, do drop by to the Private View for some ‘mocktails’ and nibbles.Colours flier