Bright and Beautiful Bracelets

I have been working with the patching and piecing method again and over the next few weeks I will be adding some photographs of the goodies I have made.  Today I thought I would share with you some bracelets.  I like nice wide cuff-bracelets but often find them too heavy, so I thought these were the perfect solution.  I’ve made an extra small one – for me, but I’ll see if it sells in the TRAC does Christmas show first!


I should also be advertising the current TRAC exhibition, Line of Flight which is on show at Quarr Abbey until next Tuesday 3rd November.  All works are for sale this time too!

Lie of flight flier


Organza Flowers

A colleague of mine had the idea of getting all of us crafters making poppies to sell at work to raise funds for this year’s Poppy Appeal.  I decided that I would make some traditional red poppies and some peace poppies from organza.  I cut the shapes and sealed and crinkled the edges at home before taking them to work.  The crinkling takes place when you put the fabric over a candle flame for just the right amount of time.  As they seemed popular, I decided to make some more to sell at the forthcoming TRAC Does Christmas show.  I fixed the centres of the poppies with French knots and added a safety pin, but with these flowers I have added beads and proper brooch clip to finish them nicely.


Seed Pods

real seed podI recently enjoyed a day of felt making at Ventnor Botanic Gardens.  The day was led by Gillian Chapman who was as inspiring as ever.  She brought along her collection of real seed pods and felt creations to help us consider our projects.  I decided to work on two small seed pods which were felted around a small circular template in the same way as you would make a small bowl.  The red pod opening was made by cutting a circle in order to remove the template.  Scrunching and pulling it resulted in the final pod.  There is a nice little ‘nipple’ for want of a better word on the bottom too!  The opening of the orange pod was the result of a happy accident.  I had incorporated bubble wrap circles in the hope of creating cut-away layers, however, I hadn’t thought Seed podsthrough the placing very well and the bubble wrap ended up being just where I wanted to cut.  I think the result is really good, even though it wasn’t as I expected!  At the end of the day, some friends and I enjoyed the tranquillity of the gardens while taking photographs of more seed pods for another day.

Experimenting with rust dyeing etc.

A5 sketch books

A5 sketch books 

I was inspired to try rust dyeing as a result of seeing some work at the summer Open Studios event and, coincidentally, there was an article in Stitch Magazine explaining how to do it. I found plenty of rusty nuts and bolts along the roadside and in Mark’s workshop.  Following the instructions, I wrapped the rusty objects in a range of neutral fabrics, tied them up with cotton and string and gave them a good soak in tea.  Apparently the tea activates the rust.  They didn’t soak for long, but the natural drying process took a few days.  The results were interesting, although its best to try and get all of the fabric in contact with the rust.  At the same time, I was experimenting with embedding woven fabrics into handmade felt.  Not wanting to waste the samples, I decided that I would cut and re-piece them onto some sturdy scrim to make book covers.  You can see that I am still exploring the weave from my Line of Flight!  A layer of sturdy curtain fabric backs the designs.  These will be for sale at TRAC Does Christmas which will be at Quarr Abbey from 25th November to 1st December.  I’m particularly pleased with A4 sketchbook to the right.

Rusty books

A4 Sketchbooks