Progressing my ‘Eye on the Planet’ piece

As ever, the decision to stitch or blog has meant that I’m a bit behind with blogging.  I’ve been progressing this piece whilst making a few things for myself and for gifts. The hot weather spurs me on to make summer clothes and all my friends’ birthday’s seem to fall at this time of year. So I think this project is on target for its June completion date, I’m making steady progress. I guess this first picture was taken around the beginning of April. I like to work methodically, creating the outlines of the subject first of all.

Eye on the planet fishies

This second picture was taken about a week ago and I’m making steady progress filling in the gaps. You might be able to see that I have appliqued some satin and some net around the seaweed and have stitched some other sections. I always work with ‘real’ stitches, worked freely and over each other. There is small, formal cross stitch at the bottom and free form cross stitch in chenille towards the top and some couching incorporating beads. You can also see some rafia French knot bubbles. The piece is progressing up the canvas towards a lighter blue surface. I love working in this way. I feel I’ve found my voice.

Eye on the planet red weed