Seaside meditation

Plenty of dog walks on very windy Cornish beaches are getting my sewing mojo back on form, well those and the good fortune to catch the Terry Frost exhibitions at The Exchange and Newlyn Art Gallery. We took advantage of the guided tour around each, we were the only two people who did that day. Terry Frost has inspired my love of colour and to see the paintings in real life and feel the vibrations of the colour was wonderful.  I feel a new project coming on for the new year. Anyway, Happy New Year to you and here is a little meditation using pebbles and jetsam from today’s windy walk.



SAA Challenge

TRAC has decided to take part in the  Society of All Artists World record attempt.  Each member of the group was allocated two segments of the Isle of Wight. I had Seaview and Nettlestone Point, one of my favourite places, and Keyhaven, which although is not on the island, completes the corner of the picture. Unsure whether I would enjoy stitching so precisely, the pieces came together quite easily and there was room for creativity! I used Stitch ‘n’ Tear to trace the map and consequently worked from the back of the piece. Once I had engaged with the logic of that, it was a good approach.  One piece was hand stitched and the other, machine embroidered.

Seaview mapKeyhaven map

Christmas Baubles

Well, the TRAC show is over and I’m left with a supply of Christmas decorations and lovely (I think so!) sketchbooks.  So friends… guess what you’re getting for Christmas!  It was an interesting learning curve, the Christmas show. I’m not sure it really was for me.  I sold a few organza flowers, but not much else.  Do I feel disheartened?  Perhaps a little, but I must stay true to myself. It wasn’t my intention to try and make money by making cards and baubles.  Next year I’m going to focus on the ‘real’ pieces, not the small diversions.