Brooches for sale

These brooches were good to work on over Christmas.  Not too much equipment to carry about!  They are based on stumpwork techniques which allow for some 3D features to be incorporated. Musn’t get carried away with the 3D bits though, because you don’t want to get them caught in scarves, squashed by coats etc. but there is scope for some fun. I think I will aim to make a couple more and will mount them to sell in the card display area of the next TRAC exhibition. I’m going to keep this in mind for a workshop idea too.Brooches


Home III, Beyond Seaview II

Final piece in the Home III [Isle of Wight] collection. Fewer hand stitches in this one. The use of applique to create texture is better value for time and is as effective I think.  The creation of this piece took a mere 71/2 hours which is very good for me. The next thing to do is to get all 6 of these pieces mounted and framed to produce a cohesive whole for the exhibition in February.

.Beyond Seaview