I’ve been wanting to make this piece for a couple of years now, but once the event happens, I procrastinate and then it doesn’t feel right to make it out of season. It is based on the Montol Festival which happens at the Winter Solstice in Penzance, Cornwall. A once low-key beacon lighting event has now turned in to a much bigger event with parades, dressing up and the soulful music of Raffidy Dumitz. As a Cornish girl, I always try to be at home for this celebration. I want this work to be about the feeling I get at marching with the parade. But there might be another piece to follow of Old Ned

Collage is a good technique to help me work in a more abstract way. Sometimes I just don’t know where to start. As you can see, I’ve just begun to move it along on to my canvas. I’ve used water-soluable oil pastels to get some colour down and have just begun to tear up and fix on strips of sheers. I’ve also added some crow feathers – I’m going to see how these go as I start to stitch.