Combining weave & stitch

I had in mind that I would work this piece for Ventnor Botanic Gardens young apprentice scheme. However, the brief – simply an A5 piece that you can post in an ordinary envelope – proved too difficult! The proportions were just wrong and when the length of my tassels and cord were constrained, I abandoned its purpose and just made it into a piece that I really like.

The journey was quite a long one. First of all, I made my stitched centre a little too big. So I’ve kept it as a sample for now.  I decided that the weave needed to be more than just a frame because why bother weaving it! I also felt it would work better as a square rather than a ‘windy day’ rectangle.

Stitch 5 + pic

So, I chose a new image and just worked part of it as the central stitch feature, which worked much better.

Weave 4 + pic

I used glass beads to finish the warp strings and made the tassels from the weaving wool with a little bit of pink sparkly thread added to balance the colour of the beads. The cord is made from the same mixture of theads as the tassels. A nice straight, dark wood twig is the perfect hanger.

Weave 4

As a little aside, the Guldusi exhibtion, Keep Your Eye on the Planet  was showing as part of the textile fair in Karlsruhe (Germany) and from May 29th, it will be in Textilmuseum Max Berk, Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen for around 2 months. The exhibition is accompanied by a program of supporting events that will be posted on the Guldusi website. So, if you happen to be on your holidays, do drop by!






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