Using up the scraps

I had some great fun this afternoon using up scraps of fabric to make an all new piece of fabric. The idea is to turn them into cards for the next TRAC exhibition. The first was made using water-soluable fleece to hold the scraps in place and for the second, I used some organza to hold them in place and then stitched, then cut-away, stitched and cut-away a few times. It gives a nice effect.  Very satisfying and I used up all of those annoying thread ends on my bobbins!

snips 1Snips 2




6 thoughts on “Using up the scraps

    • I made 17 cards with those 2, approx. 10 cm x 20 cm, samples. I’ll post them here at some point. I think you can use Bondaweb to sandwich the scraps too. It might be cheaper than water soluble fabric. Enjoy!

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  2. Very thrifty! It’s great to use up all those scraps and the effect here is very pleasing. Having seen the later post, I like the cards too. 🙂

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