Frost 2

Frost 2: 46cm x 21cm

It’s interesting  how a drawing can seem quite large, but when translated to fabric it appears to shrink. This piece did just that or maybe it’s just that compared to the previous monster it seems tiny? I haven’t attempted cut-away appliqué since my City & Guilds, but it seemed the right way to interpret the drawing. It also reminded me that there are much quicker ways of working than doing all of that dense stitching I’m inclined to do. However, simplicity isn’t always good for me. My brain doesn’t engage the way it should; it thinks it knows it all and forgets to concentrate. There should have been more divisions within the piece, but I’d missed a few lines in the tracing. Perhaps though, bolder is better.

I’m clearly in need of a holiday, which I’ve now had. I combined it with a work trip to Glasgow. What a fabulously friendly and cultural city. In planning a day trip to the Isle of Arran, I also discovered that it’s not the place where Aran jumpers come from. That’s in Ireland! I didn’t go!


5 thoughts on “Cut-away

    • Approximately 46cm x 20cm. I knew it would have been a good idea to have added this info to the blog. I was just being too lazy to walk upstairs and measure it!

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