Proddy Rag Rug

I’ve been looking for a rag rug workshop for some time and finally found one at The Spring in Havant. Led by Penelope Davis, we had a gentle introduction to the technique of proddy rag rugging. I came away with a dauntingly large piece of rug canvas with just a small, central circle of tufted rags. Will I ever finish it? Well, I’ve decided to take inspiration from Terry Frost for TRAC’s September exhibition and I am aiming to work the rug with that in mind. I’ve also promised Izi at the People’s Gallery in Ryde, that I will run a proddy rug workshop there on September 24th. I’m looking forward to it – a new venture, and it will make me finish this rug!

Capture Rug


4 thoughts on “Proddy Rag Rug

  1. Well you have certainly built yourself in some deadlines there! Looks like the sort of comforting project that it’s good to have on the go alongside more delicate and complex stuff. Like when you want to watch TV and be creative at the same time. Hope you get it finished before too long, and enjoy doing it!

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