Seed Pods

real seed podI recently enjoyed a day of felt making at Ventnor Botanic Gardens.  The day was led by Gillian Chapman who was as inspiring as ever.  She brought along her collection of real seed pods and felt creations to help us consider our projects.  I decided to work on two small seed pods which were felted around a small circular template in the same way as you would make a small bowl.  The red pod opening was made by cutting a circle in order to remove the template.  Scrunching and pulling it resulted in the final pod.  There is a nice little ‘nipple’ for want of a better word on the bottom too!  The opening of the orange pod was the result of a happy accident.  I had incorporated bubble wrap circles in the hope of creating cut-away layers, however, I hadn’t thought Seed podsthrough the placing very well and the bubble wrap ended up being just where I wanted to cut.  I think the result is really good, even though it wasn’t as I expected!  At the end of the day, some friends and I enjoyed the tranquillity of the gardens while taking photographs of more seed pods for another day.


2 thoughts on “Seed Pods

    • I don’t think I will stitch into these as they are already quite textured, but I might with if I make some more. I’ve got photos of some really bobbly pods that would suit French Knots!

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