Postcard from The Needles

Originally, I planned to take it easy over the summer, a time to catch up with things I’d promised to do around the house. Then I was introduced to the postcard art submission for Fareham Arts Festival, so I thought that won’t take me too long and it is in aid of a good cause…. So I had an idea to make a postcard of ‘The Needles’, but to use sewing needles as my design – a little bit of fun.  I had enough of the patched and pieced fabric left over from the previous projects to set the piece within a frame. For the central design I went back to a technique I had used for my Abandoned Pier, just one stitch, picture which won the runner’s up prize in a Stitch Magazine competition some years ago.  I painted the calico, using a picture of the real Needles as a guide, then used some bonding powder to fix some translucent organza over the sky.  It was quite hard to get the powder to bond without melting the organza – it took a couple of attempts!  Best done by ironing the back of the calico and not the organza!  Hand-stitching the design took longer than I anticipated, but then it usually does.  To keep true to the postcard idea I decided to transform the vilene backing into the card by machine stitching some lines and ‘The Needles’.  The lovely person who buys the card in the auction, may want to send it and transform it into mail art!  I’m sure it will survive.  I hope it finds a happy home.

The Needles (f)The Needles (b)


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