Embroidered book cover

I love hand stitching into felt.  Once you’ve made the felt, it’s so relaxing simply to sit and stitch as the mood takes you.  I like a touchy feely notebook to take to work meetings and my old faithful is running out of pages so this is for me to keep.  After I photographed it, I decided to trim the edge over the spirals slightly, just to neaten it, not straighten it.  I’m pleased with the result.  Not a scrap was wasted either.  I stitched this little purse too. And I get to use some of my lovely buttons!

Attaching the cover to the book is relatively easy.  I attach double sided sticky tape to the long edges of the book to keep the felt in place.  To secure the short edges, I make holes about 1.5 cm apart with a large needle about 1 cm from the top/bottom edge.  The felt is turned over top and bottom and I might secure with a thin strip of double sided.  I start stitching from the inside – go through the first hole, over the top, through the second hole over the top etc. then stitch back along the row making that V shape along the top.  This notebook already had some elastic over the edge, but if you want to add some, punch two holes about 1 cm apart in the back cover and attach a loop of elastic, large enough to go over the button to secure your important notes.  The purse was made by folding the felt and machine straight stitching along both edges, remembering to leave the flap open!  I then zig-zag stitched along all edges, including the flap.  Underneath the button is a press stud.



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