Utilising the odds and ends

B&B BookmarksRemnants from patching and piecing are too precious to just discard, so I used them to make some small things.  I was delighted when someone purchased a bookmark and inserted it immediately into her book. There are a couple of necklaces left to buy.  Each one is backed with painted vilene so they won’t be itchy to wear, but they were quite fiddly to make.  If there is one left today, I’m going to take it home to wear out tonight.  I know that’s not the idea of making things to sell, but I really like it.  I often have trouble finding necklaces to fit me and these are simply tied with ribbon so that they fit anyone and can be adjusted to be long or short depending on what you’re wearing. B&B Picture Frames The small picture frames have sold now, but I think they will make nice gifts.  It might be nice to make these in a considered way to fit a standard photograph next time.  The possibilities for patching and piecing are endless.  I think I will make a sketchbook cover for myself and hand stitch into it too.  That will be a nice summer project. B&B Necklaces


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