Love is Bright and Beautiful

Love is Bright and Beautiful

Love is Bright and Beautiful

Two days left at the Garlic Farm.  We’ve had lots of people and some peacocks through the door, some just to read about garlic but others to enjoy the art work. This piece is a small wall hanging which brings together a range of techniques used in the series.  It was almost discarded; the blue denim background seemed just to dark to ever achieve bright and beautiful, but the vibrant green leaves seemed to lift the piece and saved it!  I enjoyed melting the voile for the flower in the top left corner, although managed to drip wax all over the unused fabric.

You could use this technique to make nice brooches.  Cut circles of voile or other man made fabrics, hold with a pair of tweezers and carefully and quickly move the edges over a tea light.  The fabric will melt or crinkle with the heat.  The layers are then stitched together.  Beads could be added to the centre too.


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