50 More Shades of K

50 More Shades of K[affe Fassett]

50 More Shades of K[affe Fassett]

This is the second in the series for TRAC’s Spring Exhibition.  Its inspired by another print from Kaffe Fassett which is used in the patching and piecing.  I wanted a feathery look, but didn’t quite know where to stick my feathers in the end!  That’s something which I find quite hard when I’m working on a smaller scale – you really have to think about placing items so as not to cover up all of the work you have done in lower levels.  If I put the feathers around the circle where I had originally intended, it would have blotted out the appliqued and machine embroidered background.  I like the colours in the hand embroidered circle, quite striking I think.  I used 2 strands of 2 different colour threads on some occasions, which I think adds some texture.  Either my fingers are getting more robust or these fabric layers were thinner because the hand stitching was slightly easier this time.


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