50 Shades of K[affe Fassett]

This is the first of a set of 4, maybe 5, pieces for TRAC at the Garlic Farm next month.  I’ve used the technique of patching and piecing to make the frame.  You lay out strips of fabric, sew them to a backing and sew into them, then cut them and reassemble them a couple of times over.  The result is almost guaranteed to be lovely.  I took a flower image from one of the fabrics to work as the central feature.  It was a piece designed by Kaffe Fassett – one of the pieces I purchased at his exhibition last summer.  The centre uses more cut up pieces of fabric machined onto the background. Other pieces of fabric were bonded and stitched on to it and then the hand stitched flower was applied by hand. I hadn’t allowed for the thickness of the fabric and my poor fingers were sore at the end.  Finally, more machined swirls were added.  It is a good start on the set, although there are one or two things I’ll do differently next time.

50 Shades of K[affe Fassett]

50 Shades of K[affe Fassett]



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