Colours from the Garden

Just been photographing the samples made on Saturday with Melanie Swan at Quay Arts.  This was the second in series on dyeing.  Today we dyed with marigolds, apple leaves, red roses and camellias.  Marigolds were great, a real custardy yellow.  When added to modifiers, acid produced a lemony yellow, alkali much the same as the original and then iron turned the cotton to a nice dark green.

colours from the garden samples

Whilst waiting for the dyes to boil we hammered some leaves and flowers to produce some really nice imprints . This website shows how to perfect the idea with printing onto paper, but we hammered onto cotton which will be great for embellishing with stitch.

Hammering flowers & leaves



One thought on “Colours from the Garden

  1. Ooh, great link! Will look closer at that. Yesterday I tried pressing fallen peony petals through a roller between two pieces of cotton muslin – quite nice effect.

    The marigold, apple leaves and camelia were my favourites from Saturday. And I have all three in my garden so I will definitely be trying them at home – although here, the camelia blooms from late January to April, so it’s finished now for this year. Must have a different micro-climate to Melanie’s!

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