Artists Textiles

Artists textilesJust a few more days to visit the Artists Textiles exhibition at London’s Fashion and Textile Museum.  It was really worth the trip, a unique opportunity to see many textiles from artists not usually renowned for working in this medium.  I hadn’t appreciated that they did so as a desire to make their work more relevant to the lives of ordinary people.  My favourites included Salvador Dali’s Ballerina where there was so much energy in the design and a piece by Gerald Wilde for the V&A’s 1946 exhibition,  Britain Can Make It.  I was disproportionately excited by the print, Bark Cloth by Paolozzi and Henderson, it was the fabric of the curtains in the hall of Penwith Sixth Form College in Penzance.  I couldn’t forget those heavy black drapes imprinted with white clocks and bicycles.  They transfixed me through exams and orchestra practice!

You may notice on my shelfie that I purchased the book, Textile Design: Artists Textiles, 1940 – 1976,  to accompany the exhibition.  It’s worth every penny, beautifully illustrated and informative.  If you can’t make the exhibition, do at least borrow the book from your local library.  Don’t forget you can request an interlibrary loan if they don’t have it on their shelves.  Oops that’s the day job!


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