Contemporary eyelets

Well, I’ve just received feedback on my very last City & Guilds brief and I feel a little ’empty’ now.  I’ve enjoyed the course and its challenges so much, I’m going to have to find some new pressure now!  Here is the final stitch.  Why not have a go yourself?  It works well on cotton fabric.  1. Set your machine to free embroidery, draw a circle and draw over it again.  2. Zigzag stitch over the raw edge.  3. Create some spokes by sewing a running stitch from one edge of the circle to the other and back over the same line again. I’m always amazed that you can stitch in thin air!  4. Change to zigzag stitch and go over the spoke.  You can stitch a pattern around to the position of the next spoke, or you can lift up the needle and move it along.  Try some other shapes and different spokes – they don’t have to be wheels.  I found that smaller circles worked better to begin with.

Contemporary eyelets


3 thoughts on “Contemporary eyelets

  1. I’m always full of admiration for people who can embroider with a sewing machine! I know that one C&G course is dedicated entirely to this – but I thought you had done the other diploma – the hand sewing. Did I get that wrong, or did your course embrace both? It looks very lovely, anyway!

    • This C&G was Stitched Textiles, Level 3 Certificate and covered everything from hand and machine embroidery to quilting, putting in zips and making button holes. A real foundation in all sort of techniques – challenging. I still love to hand stitch.

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